AdwCleaner — Release

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One of the best tools for ad removal – AdwCleaner has been updated to version v7.0.3.0. Now, it contains the latest and most up-to-date virus databases and annoying advertisements. What’s new in AdwCleaner Release? Update translations & generic detections Improve Chrome preferences cleaning Update to libsodium 1.0.14 Database 2017.09.27.1 Download AdwCleaner

AdwCleaner build 2 Beta

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What’s new in AdwCleaner build 2 Beta? Features Ability to choose between Google, DuckduckGo and Qwant for Browsers settings restoration Ability to choose the behaviour with proxies Ability to choose logfile display behaviour Possibility to decline the update prompt Croatian translation Add compatibility manifest entry Changes Display the scan logfile at the end of the scan by default Redesign the Options panel. Improve processes killing Change changelog layout Bugfixes Fix crash during scan and clean. Fix FPs Download AdwCleaner


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What’s new in AdwCleaner This release is a complete rewrite.  [ADD]: New graphical interface (responsive and easier to use)  New database format, with concept of family  Additional actions per family  Most of JRT technology now included  New database management system  Use of a CDN to provide database downloads  No longer dependant on 3rd parties dll  In-App updater  “Submit samples” menu entry [UPD]:  Database 2017-07-17.1  Updated Generic detections  All cleaning modules are more powerful against various system and permissions issues … Continue reading “AdwCleaner”