Questions and Answers

General questions:

Is AdwCleaner a free program?

Yes,it is. AdwCleaner completely free program.

Where can I download the software?

The latest current version AdwCleaner you can download on our site

Do you need to have administrator rights to install this program?

Yes they do. Typically, users are not allowed to install any program without administrator rights.

What languages are supported by this program?

AdwCleaner -a multilingual program, it supports more than 10 most popular languages.

Answers to questions about the use and functions:

How to install?

First it is necessary to download on our site. Then run the installation file. Accept the “Terms of Use”, wait a few seconds and the program will run.

How can remove malicious files / plugins / scripted by using AdwCleaner?

To remove unwanted files you must first find them. To do this, after starting the program click “Scan” button. Usually scan takes up to 5 minutes. After that, you will be given a report, and all the malware file is moved to quarantine. Then the program asks you to close all running programs and restart the computer. After the reboot your PC will be cleared from spyware, adware and other garbage.

What is “Quarantine”?

Quarantine – a special storage area that holds all suspicious files. If the virus was in quarantine, it would not cause more harm to your computer.

I cleaned my computer from malicious software,how can I remove the program?

Remove program is very easy, just press a single button “Delete”, which is located in the main menu.

5 thoughts on “Questions and Answers

  1. I am unable to view the files found after running adw cleaner on my personal computer, but I can see the lists on my computer at work. I downloaded from your website and have update to version 5.000

  2. Hi,
    since version 6.041 nearly all AUSLOGICS software (Defrag, Registry Cleaner, …) is rated as PUP or malicious, I think this is a false positive; same on 3 different PCs. Can anyone check and revise this?

  3. I just want to say a huge thank you for your product. I downloaded adwcleaner for free and it got rid of my problem in minutes. Computer perfect again. Highly recommend!

  4. I am in AdwCleaner and cleaning is in Progress. In Dashboard it has quarantined 77 Items but has been stuck in the same program for 35 minutes. Is this normal?

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