Adwcleaner 5.001

What’s new in Adwcleaner 5.001?


– Bug when retrieving users fixed


– Generic.Browsefox updated
– Generic.Tuto4PC updated
– “Reset Chrome policies” checked by default
– “Reset Internet Explorer policies” checked by default
– German translation updated
– French translation updated
– English translation updated
– Japanese translation updated

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Adwcleaner 4.208

What’s new in Adwcleaner 4.208?

– Added local database v09-07-2015.1
– Generic detections updated
– Fixed error which caused AdwCleaner to be always in english version when ran on XP
– Fixed a bug that occured during the scan
– Added “ghostery” to whitelisted keywords for preferences scan

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Adwcleaner 4.201

What’s new in Adwcleaner 4.201?

– Added local database v08-04-2015.1
– AdwCleaner now detects language of current MUI pack
[Paths] – Added config\systemprofile\AppData\Local to handled paths
[Generic.Conduit] – Generic detection updated
[Generic.Skintrim] – Generic detection updated
[Firefox] – Added new generic detection for adware related JS scripts
[Proxy] – Proxy detection improved ( more checked keys )

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Adwcleaner 4.200

What’s new in Adwcleaner 4.200?

– Added local database v29-03-2015.1
– Added Estonian translation
– Added Czech translation
– Added Brazilian portuguese translation
– Reduced database loading time (~15s -> ~2s)
– Multiplug generic detection optimized
– Database cleanup ( part 1 )
[Generic.Conduit] Generic detection added
[Generic.AddLyrics] – Generic detection updated
[Generic.Crossrider] – Generic detection updated
[Processes] – Added a more powerful way to kill processes
[Bug] – Fixed display in the logfile ( infected shortcuts )
[Chrome] – Preferences detection improved

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Adwcleaner 4.113

What’s new in Adwcleaner 4.112?

– Added local database v22-03-2015.2
– Added Spanish translation
– Fixes in Russian translation
– Generic detection updated
– Added “ExtensionWhitelist” to managed keys
– Added StartMenuCommonDir to handled paths
– Added config\systemprofile\Documents to handled paths
– Updated generic registry detections
– Added Winsock cleaning
– Whitelisted Splashtop processes
– Fixed error in progression percentage increase
– Added generic detection
– Generic detection updated:

Download Adwcleaner 4.112