AdwCleaner 5.037

What’s new in Adwcleaner 5.037?

— [BUG]
– Fixed bug with FirewallPolicy detections
– Fixed bug with Chrome extensions detection
– Fixed display bug with IE policies reset

— [REM]
– “registry_ifeo” table merged with “registry_other”

— [UPD]
– Local database v28-02-2016.2
– Debug report updated
– Uninstall.bat now only created when clicking on “Uninstall”
– Main GUI now shows database download progress
– Generic.Tuto4PC updated
– Generic.Browsefox updated
– AdwCleaner no longer exits when cancelling processes killing
– Arabic translation added
– English translation updated
– Polish translation updated
– Deutsch translation updated
– Chrome policies deletion improved
– Tasks generic detection updated

Download Adwcleaner 5.037

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  1. Having such information useful will goo far towards buildinng the DR/BC plan that is reql looking and achievable.

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