AdwCleaner v5.023

What’s new in Adwcleaner 5.023?


– Fixed bug with Crossrider regexp
– Fixed bug with SearchScopes detection


– Local database v30-11-2015.1
– DNSApi.dll detection improved
– Code optimizations
– Tasks generic detection updated
– Generic.Tuto4PC updated
– Software generic detection updated

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AdwCleaner v5.022

What’s new in Adwcleaner 5.022?


– Fixed bug with LocalAppData\Installer detection


– Local database v22-11-2015.2
– Added SearchScope values to SearchScope module
– Added “HKLM\..\Installer\UpgradeCodes” to handled keys
– Added “HKU\..\ApprovedExtensionsMigration” to handled keys
– Generic.PullUpdate updated
– Generic.Crossrider updated
– Generic.BrowseFox updated

– Added detection of FileExts values

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AdwCleaner v5.019

What’s new in Adwcleaner 5.019?


– Added Generic.HomeTab detection


– Fixed bug in “Interface/TypeLib” registry keys detection ( only generics )


– Local database v08-11-2015.2
– DOMStorage detection updated ( now based on URLs )
– ActiveX detection modified
– IE registry keys detection improved
– FirewallPolicy detection improved
– Softwares generic detection updated
– Tasks generic detection updated
– Generic.Crossrider updated
– Generic.Tuto4PC updated
– Generic.MyWebSearch updated
– Added “HKU\..\windows_ie_ac_001\Software” to handled keys

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AdwCleaner v5.016

What’s new in Adwcleaner 5.016?


– Added language selection in GUI
– Added option to purge “Tracing” keys ( checked by default )
– Added new module to detect “FileExts” keys
– Bulgarian translation added


– Fixed typo mistake in Generic.DownloadProtect
– Fixed bug in Chrome extensions detection


– Removed “HKCU\Software” 64-bits from handled keys


– Local database v01-11-2015.2
– Added “HKLM\..\SearchURI” to handled keys
– Added Microsoft Edge keys to DOMStorage module
– Added “Tasks” to handled folders
– Added “HKLM\..\ActiveX Compatibility”, “HKCU\..\InternetRegistry”,”HKLM\..\Distribution Units”,  to handled keys
– Tasks generic detection updated
LocalAppData generic detection updated
– Generic.Conduit updated

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