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Malwarebytes AdwCleaner 8.3 – free, a unique program developed by a team of Xplode, which can easily remove annoying ads in the browser, various toolbars, plugins and other Potentially Undesirable Program (PUP/LPI).


Uninstall unwanted toolbars and various plug-ins for browsers that have been installed with or without your help it, as well as programs which display unwanted advertising and utilities that reconfigure start your browser –  with all of this program AdwCleaner will help.

AdwCleaner, though small, but very nimble and useful utility. It requires no installation, just run it and wait a few seconds until it is loaded and click “Scan”. After a thorough scan your registry, system files, browsers and other files, the program will create a report in a text document.

AdwCleaner – malware killer

This report displays all suspicious files with which you can view before deleting them. If you agree with the submission of reports, then click the button “Clear” and all advertising, a viral program will be immediately moved to quarantine. After moving the file to the quarantine, your computer will restart.

Moreover, it should be noted that a program that uses only 2 MB has a fairly powerful quarantine where it places the infected, the virus files. If in the quarantine gets some correct or system file, you can easily restore it.

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AdwCleaner – small, but very quick and useful utility. It does not require installation, just run it, wait a few seconds until it boots and click the “Scan” button. After a thorough scan of the registry, system files, browsers and other files, the program will create a report in a text document. This report displays all suspicious files that you can read before deleting them. If you agree with the provided report, then we press the “Clear” button and all the advertising, virus programs will be immediately moved to quarantine.

In addition, it should be noted that the program, which takes only 2 MB, has a fairly powerful quarantine in which infected, virus files are placed. If any necessary or system file gets in quarantine, you can easily restore it.

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner is a multi-lingual program, it is translated into more than 10 most popular languages. The program is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and runs on 32 & 64 bits.

After cleaning from viruses, you can remove the program by clicking on the “Delete” button, which is placed almost in the most prominent place. But it is worth remembering that, along with the removal of the program, the quarantine will also be cleared. Pleasant use!

AdwCleaner is one of the best tools to quickly and effectively remove potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). It copes well with all kinds of advertising components that display unwanted advertising or change the settings of web browsers, as well as randomly installed toolbars (toolbars).

The program AdwCleaner is easy, fast and very easy to use. This allows you to effectively eliminate the problems associated with harmful components, which in most cases are installed as add-ons to browsers. With it, you can fix problems such as the inability to change the browser’s start page, unwanted advertising, etc. AdwCleaner also protects us from scripts that can steal confidential data.

The tool is characterized by small dimensions and no need for installation. It is ready for use immediately after download. AdwCleaner uses the ready-made software. All you need is just to start scanning, and then start cleaning the pests. After scanning, the user can view the results. The next step is cleaning. The program will do everything automatically. In the end, you just need to restart the computer and your system will finally become free of unwanted advertising elements.

What new in AdwCleaner 8.1?

New Changes

  • Rewritten updater. It now keeps track of the previous channel and uses it for the updated version.
  • When running in non-release mode (e.g alpha or beta) the channel is displayed on the title bar.
  • Etc

To look at all history of changes …

8 thoughts on “Welcome to a site AdwCleaner!”

  1. Mr. Fred says:

    1. (Innovation Solutions) Advanced Uninstaller Pro
    2. Kingsoft Office
    3. tencent (QQ International)


    In my Ignorance,…. after letting it “Do Its Thing”, it took me about an hour to Re-Install
    and set-up all of the Damage ADW caused!..

  2. Jeffery says:

    That’s true. Tencent QQ and wechat are not working after cleaning.

  3. kapanica says:

    very very thanks

  4. cd says:

    adwclwaner v 5.030 not responding, and hasn’t for the last 4-5 versions. It hangs and I have to restart my computer. I miss adwcleaner.

  5. sample apa format bibliography says:

    You have brought up a very superb details, appreciate it for the post.

  6. GialdoF says:

    I’ve got myself a pretty bad case of ads x on google search pages.
    I ran a scan with adwcleaner and indeed it found 6 vulnerabilities and eliminated them.
    After the reboot, however, ads x is still there although new scans don’t show any other adware to be present in my pc.
    Any idea of what the problem could be?

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